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Investors in Energy

Where we Invest

Traditional energy industries

Oil, gas and power at all stages of the value chain (up-, mid- and downstream). Particular attention to monetizing waste and low value streams.

Energy Tech companies 

We favor technologies that allow oil, gas and power companies create and capture more value, and produce less emissions, per unit of output.



Key Investment Criteria:

  • Underlying assets in the USA or Canada.
  • Recurring revenue from high quality customers (but the company can be as yet unprofitable).
  • Our ability to contribute relevant expertise and market access and to play a meaningful role at the board level.

What to Expect

  • Investment decision within 4 weeks upon completion of due diligence.
  • A Board member who understands your business and has time to help.

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Alexei Beltyukov - Managing Director

  • Investor in several tech companies, including Foro Energy.
  • Founded 3 oil&gas technology companies (2006-present): one shut down, one 10+x exit, one (NGT Synthesis) still owned and operated by the founders.
  • Founded, ran and sold a management company that did hands-on operational turnarounds of industrial assets (assets under management ca. $300M). Personally worked on 11 assets, usually as the Chairman of the Board, net IRR to asset owners 42% over 2004-14.
  • 5 years at McKinsey&Co. (1998-2003), leading projects in oil&gas, metals&mining, transportation industries.


Let's Chat.

We love hearing from people with different perspectives on the energy space, whether it is in- or out of fashion today. Both new entrepreneurs and established players looking for new technologies as a source of their competitive advantage are welcome to reach out.

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